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36 Ways To Chase After My Wife's Love

| Mature Content 21+ | —————————————- THE BEST WAY TO CHASE AFTER YOUR LOVE~ “You have to divorce my daughter in one week, or ... you will lose your job!” Dexter looked at him contemptuously, “Oh, yeah? Very scary! What if you come again, after successfully making me lose my job, father-in-law?” =================================== Synopsis... 5 years ago, just because she couldn't refuse the matchmaking her parents had, Kaili Goh went drunk and ended up having a one-night stand with someone she didn't know. On the wedding day, a few hours before the wedding ceremony, Peter Swan, the man who was going to be her matchmade husband, came throwing photos of Kaili night with a stranger. Just then, Dexter, who was only a mere surgeon at a private hospital, ventured to propose Kaili. His goal was to get back at all the insults that were often received when trying to chase after Kaili. His profession, which was only a surgeon, while Kaili, who was the only daughter of a rich businessman, was the main reason for Kaili to continue insulting him! Dexter wanted to avenge it. It was a must! However, Dexter couldn't even hurt her a little. During these 5 years, not even one second did he not love that woman. Every time he wanted to repay her, what happened was the opposite, he took care of her and spoiled her with his love. In the end, he instead decided to chase his wife's love! Could Dexter chase after his wife's love under the pressure of his mother-in-law who insists that he should finish the marriage in just one week? Then, what would happen if Kaili found out that the man in her one-night stand was Dexter? So what was Kaili's reason for always giving cruel insults to reject Dexter? ``````````````````````````````` Check out my other works, = Woman at the Lowest point = CRAZY FOR YOU (love that I can't Leave Behind) ==================== The cover photo is not mine. I took it, from Pinterest. ...................................................... Meet me on Instagram @Chrisdora17

Nova_Chrisdora · Contemporary Romance

Mail-Order Slave

Tiffany_Anyway · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Destiny's Attracted Polar Opposites.

"Destiny's for losers it's just an excuse to hide the truth from others. Nothing good comes from hiding the truth", said Whisper to the man in front of her. Whisper Rhodes might seem like a posh and bratty teen, but she cant control it, she has a secret. She can't even make it through a day without acting like a rich preppy mean girl, her Bi-polar disorder is uncontrollable and she cant tell anyone about it. What happens when an accident ruins her life even more and leads her into a series of events bringing to her real and true destiny? Rhys Weng is a boy who everyone hates. He seems shy but that's not something his friends would say he constantly gets into trouble. What happens when he makes a big mistake and wake up to find a girl beside him. Come along as W.R and R.W destinies cross paths. For those who wants to know pronunciations Rhys- Re-ees or like how you'd say Reece

Cinder_Starrzzz · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings