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36 Ways To Chase After My Wife's Love

| Mature Content 21+ | This is the story between Kaili and Dexter, which is the story of a 'Woman at the lowest point of Vol1-2'. This story begins after Kaili's operation. °°°°°°° Just because she couldn't refuse the matchmaking, Kaili Goh went into a drunken and ended up having 'one-night stand' with someone she didn't know. On the wedding day, a few hours before the wedding ceremony, “Peter Swan”, the man who was supposed to be her matchmade husband, came throwing photos of Kaili's night with the stranger. To maintain his good name, Richard Goh (Kaili's father) accepted Dexter's proposal, a doctor who was far from his ideal type of son-in-law. But with a threat, “Marriage will only last a week. I will never accept a little doctor like you to be my son-in-law!” It turns out that Dexter married Kaili because of a motive, is none other than wanting to revenge against the pain of being looked down on and ignored by Kaili all this time. "A week? Huh! I'm going to make you beg this marriage not to end! I will marry you and finish up all that was lost, my dear wife!" Dexter whispered. Even though only Dexter knows that he is the man in the 'One Night Stand', it was no longer important, for him the pain was profound, surpassing any love that had ever existed. ``````````````````````````````` Update every day 06.00 (+7)^^ ``````````````````````````````` Check my other works, = Woman at the Lowest point = CRAZY FOR YOU (love that I can't Leave Behind) ...................................................... Meet me on Instagram @Chrisdora17

Nova_Chrisdora · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings