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The Vampire and the Mortal Girl

People all thought vampires and ghosts did not exist. Those who believed in vampires and ghosts though, fear them. Vampires were immortal bloodsuckers that feared garlic.They have super strength and speed and can also fly and teleport. Ghosts were invisible souls from the people who have died, and could cause mayhem. There was a human girl, Charlotte, who was infamous for being known to be possessed by a powerful ghost. She was a girl who always seemed sad and depressed. Always alone, she looked even more gloomy. Then, there was royal vampire,Ian, who refused to suck humans blood. So, when his reign began, he set law that all vampire kind had to steal blood from hospitals. Steal blood as in steal the packets of blood that hospitals keep. If unable to do so, vampires were only allowed to suck the blood of patients who were on the brink of death. But of course, there would be vampires who disagreed with him and went against that law and called him a weak leader. What happens when Ian meets Charlotte? How about when Charlotte did not know who, or what he was? Does she find out? How would she react? How would Ian react? Would this affect their lives? [Note: This is NOT a horror story!] [More important note: There will not be an introduction that warns you about my horrible work!]

BerriSweet ยท Teen
Not enough ratings