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The Kingdom Of Fuchsia is a small country that lives side by side with 3 factions, namely Human, Athanor; is the residence of the Gods, Lokheim; Master of darkness. At that time the country of Fuchsia was experiencing a great war, which made many human lives lost. Seeing the peace in her country disturbed, made Princess Rosemary, who is none other than the Crown Princess of the country, make an unreasonable decision. Unbeknownst to the King, Princess Rosemary had secretly entered into a forbidden contract with the Demon King who was known to be very sadistic. Rosemary offers a peace deal to King Lucifer who is none other than the King of the lords of darkness. Rose, Rosemary's nickname, has offered a beautiful woman who is none other than her soldier. Rose had made Lauriel a future bride to King Lucifer. And of course, Lucifer accepted the agreement happily, he immediately withdrew his troops from the battlefield. The residents of the land of Fuchsia were happy because they thought the troops from the Lokheim kingdom had admitted defeat, they threw a party for 40 days and 40 nights to celebrate the victory. But all of that was just a dream when suddenly King Lucifer came and looked for his bride. And it made the whole country of Fuchsia commotion, especially the King. The king did not expect that the daughter had the heart to exchange peace with Lauriel, who was considered by the King as his adopted daughter.

julietasyakur · Fantasy Romance