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Gourmet DAO

Gourmet DAO

A gourmet novel that tasted great, he learned imperial cuisine and the ordinary cuisine of a nomad and an outcast. He managed to use his talent to withstand the difficulties of the path, to find his path of enlightenment and will strive for success. On his path of life, there have been ups and downs. He was able to understand the essence of the world. Once, an entertaining story happened to him, since then, he got the opportunity to travel back to the past and learn the now-forgotten recipes. The main character is called ShirAli. This is a spin-off, the novel is associated with other works, where the main character is his cousin Dara. In total, there are 4 other novels. --- Around a 300-chapter novel is 250,000 words.

Gourmet_DAO · Realistic Fiction
Rebirth of the Last Empress

Rebirth of the Last Empress

Legendary affluent head of the Lombardi family's pharmaceutical company, Cresencia, passionate Eurasian chef & neurosurgeon has dedicated her life in running the world's most revered technologically-advanced corporate medical hospital, and building internationally successful food business empire. But something dark and dangerous had long haunted Cresencia's life which led her living alone. She witnessed fear in her mother's eyes, locked in her childhood memories of blood spilling household massacre. And now the same fortune is leading her in terror as the sound of her own screams echo through the ship's cabin, an almost peaceful vacation trip plotted by her father turned grave. Shipwrecked on the deep stormy seas, betrayed by her father and stepsister, Cresencia finds herself washed up on the strange ancient island of Cuixia, a land bestowed by the emperor to Duke Feng Changming and Duchess Murong Jiayi, childless military couple. Fostered by sovereign military rulers and pampered with love she grew up as an outstanding noble heiress, ready to conquer the world of the past. Cresencia ignites both sovereignty and revenge, and discovers a destiny that tests her will to claim a land rightfully hers, and the one man she will love.

torresahcedarato · Fantasy Romance
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