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Lore of Mayari: The Cursed Moon

Lore of Mayari: The Cursed Moon

When her parents died Mayari Rodriguez aka Celine suffered from a psychological trauma that made her life miserable. Ever since then her mind started to play tricks on her as she starts seeing things that don't exist. What made it worst is that she always had nightmares about herself alone and helplessly drowning in the deepest ocean that made her aquaphobic. To help her recover from her trauma her family decided to move to Canada. Fourteen years later, thinking that she had finally recover they went back to the Philippines to take over their family business. After an encounter with a strange guy, she started to see things again. Was her mind playing tricks on her again? or she is really capable of seeing things beyond the naked eye? Follow the story of Mayari as she finds a cure to her curse and uncovers the world of Filipino gods and goddesses who are long forgotten. --- Language: Filipino & English (Taglish) Date Started: April 10, 2020 Date Finished: ---- All Rights Reserved 2020 --- ✨ Author: Miss V Instagram: @_VanCaballero ✨ Book Cover Illustration: Credits to Clarita Joy Cailan https://merrilisle.artstation.com/

_vancaballero · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings