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Blue on brown

After knowing him for so long she realizes he has her heart. And after years of knowing each other they see new sides that can be scary and protective. Does she has his heart as he has hers?

Wolfs_Be · Teen
Not enough ratings

Confidence Crush

Madison Philips, a girl full of promise in front of parents and strangers who also just wanted to see the world burn - not really, but she did enjoy bringing people back to Earth to disappoint them. To get a clear perspective of her, she is that one short, petite girl that would try to fight someone three times her size, she's got mid-length brown hair with some shorter strands to frame her soft face. She is capable of being both a softie and a baddie, it all really depended on her mood.  Yet there is a moment when she starts avoiding love like the plague. So when she meets Chase Ellsworth - the popular guy of her year that all the girls swooned over-, she feels like she's hit a brick wall. His confidence was through the roof and she would soon enough find out why, but because of that energy coming from the boy with black hair and green eyes, she decides that her goal would be to crush his confidence. Sounds easier said than done. Especially when you're trying not to fall in love.

CrimsonLove · Teen
Not enough ratings

You're Never Alone

The day had soon come to an end, leaving the unordinary to themselves. The many types of alternative species that roamed the streets and empty, desolate alleyways weren't always taken kindly of. Not to presume anything frightening, but still tied to that same thread of string in which all unnatural species are soon to be at peace with humans. All that's left now is hope... A soft voice spoke in his head repeatedly, making him realize he too had to serve a purpose. Even as much as his mother did before she passed, the voice still spoke with courage. "You're never alone, Adam... Don't think that you are."

FurryBoyDante · Fantasy
Not enough ratings