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Beyond the seas

THERE IS MATURE CONTENT IN THIS STORY!! The worlds of the merfolk and "humans" were separated, after an unfortunate accident that cost the life of a mother. The king had been in such a saddened state that he had put up a barrier that forced merfolk to be blocked away from humans. Of course, few merfolk didn't like the idea, while most did, as they didn't see the downside of the idea. One of the very few which were uncertain what they want, was a mermaid known as FlutterShy, her mother was the one to have died. Now, the daughter of the women who had passed at the hands of humans, should hate the people above. Shouldn't she? Well, she didn't, and that may be due to her kind nature, many would say she is naive, others would say she's smart, some would even consider her both. Though, somehow she'll find her way past the barrier. How? You'll have to wait and see...

Lucy_girl30 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings