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It's Good To Be Cute

Sky is an asian 20 something college student. After transmigrated in an unknown and unfamiliar chinese cultivation world where power influence everything, from being a hard working second year college student, he became lethargic. He was asleep more often than not. As long as the place he was in is comfortable enough to put him in a nap, he would fall asleep. His first day in learning on how to synthesize a pill from one of the famous pill maker was all spent sleeping in front of the furnace sitting in a lotus position. Pill Maker Master: ... The next day, in the huge yard in front of the hall just at the back of the main hall, even before meeting his sword manipulation master he fell asleep, sitting on the grassy-ground while his back was comfortably leaning on the tree trunk. Sword Master: ... "Are you sure that he came first in the admitting trial?" Full of doubts, one of the peak master asked the grandmaster of the sect. "He's cute isn't it? It's good to have a disciple like him ah." His wrinkled face was stretched in a happy smile, eyes twinkling like the kid who's sleeping comfortably in his lap is his most favorable son from his beloved concubine. Everyone in the main hall: ... Well, they can't deny that...

colorgreenminded ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings