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The Flawless System

The Flawless System

James is your average 16-year-old high schooler from Seattle. He was below average height, basic facial features and above-average grades. He liked to be left alone and didn't have many friends. One day as he was walking back home from school, a flower pot fell from a window of an apartment. Luckily a woman that lived close by to him saw him and quickly called for an ambulance. James woke up in a hospital bed and started looking around, confused. The nurse quickly called the doctor over to have him explain what happened. After a week in the hospital, he finally got discharged. That night as he fell asleep, he awoke in a white room with nothing in it. He looked around but found nothing. Suddenly a screen appeared in front of him. It was seethrough black with white writing. [Wellcome, Host! Out of billions of people, you were able to win me! The Flawless System! Created with the sole purpose of making the Host a flawless person!] James read a lot of manga and light novels, so this made him excited. But after talking with the system for a few minutes, he realised that it might not be that easy for him. (Please don't be mad at me if I get something wrong. I am not from the US but from Europe.)

Therapist · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings