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The Young Miss Wish To Find Love

The Young Miss Wish To Find Love

"If love will come to you, why bother waiting? Why not make your own journey to find it." Lina said as her eyes sparkles, gears turning and ready to from a plan. "Love is not easy as you think." Xim Family's Head said as he calmly ate his meal and fed his wife while the matriach gushed over how sweet her husband is. Lina smiled while her eyes remained emotionless as she watched over her sweet parents Her cousin immediately seen through her and muttered under his breath "Monster!" It was loud enough for Lina to hear because she sat beside her monkey cousin. She faked a smile and fed her cousin his food fast enough to make him choke. She apologized and whispered, "Idiot." Her cousin smiled as if acting like he didn't hear anything and pinched her cheek painfully. Her cousin looks like he was holding her cheek lovingly but he was abusing it in reality and he was not interested in letting go so she took initiative to stepped on his feet while smiling oh so sweetly. Her brother looked at them with a smile, loving how close the two are. While Lina's aide, Edward, just sighed and ate his meal peacefully until the Xim Family's Head prepared to leave the mansion to worked. The children said their goodbyes in their own style and what escaped the matriach's mouth made Edward choked. "Say goodbye to daddy, Eddie." Having a rich family that dotes you and a face that can bring men on their knees what more can she ask for? Lina Xim's dream was like any other girls. To find a man that will love her and to feel love. Will love eventually come her way or will she fail? Join her as she journey for love~ Hello, this is my first book and I hope you like it. See you in the first chapter! ?

CrystynaFalls · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings