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Beyond Love and Hate

[ WARNING : THIS BOOK CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT SO UNDERAGED READERS PLEASE WAIT TILL YOU ARE 18 . LOVE FROM THE AUTHOR :) :) ] "god what am I gonna do ! even if I sell my house , I have to give up all my bank balance with all the insurance I have till now I'll be on road if I do so ! I started talking to my self in whispers as I bewildered but it was not the time to think about luxuries it's time for save my ass off from this devil so I said hurriedly since he was ready to go - " I'll return your money just give me sometime till I arrange a customer to sell my house , I will transfer my bank balance to yours , I'll  work and pay in installments if it still remained due ........." catching my breath as I was holding it for long time , my voice became soft and painful "  ..... just let me go " I trailed off . tears threating to fall " No . why would I believe that you won't run away ? " he said with a straight and stern hellish look witnessing the devil inside him . " you have to live here and be my slave for six months , you won't be permitted to leave this mansion until then " sending immediate chills up my spine . I was left dumbstruck with his answer . As reality struck me hard leaving mixture of emotions flooding in my eyes . Fear and panic took over me , I climbed out from the bed as I called out his name , tried to run towards the door to reach him to persuade him for giving me time to find out that bloody ring but the moment I was two strides away from the door I realized I can't walk any further because there was shackles around my leg bounding me with the bed pole . The hope which flashed in my eyes a moment ago diminished like a shooting star as the door closed on my face , HE WAS A TRUE DEVIL WITH SILVER EYES . ****** It's truly said that fate often meets people on the road they have taken to avoid it . She tried hard to avoid him but there she was being his slave , she had the lost Ring all this time but she didn't remember . On the other side he had everything in the world , girls die just for his one glimpse and there he was , using sadistic tricks to hold her close , never wanted to hurt or let her hurt by others , to just to hold her close . Both unaware of the feelings brewing in there Hearts . BEYOND LOVE AND HATE is one such story in which fate turns everything upside down in the life of these two poles apart strangers where Zayn Evcen a business emperor and mafia , cold and ruthless like devil or Lucifer himself and siren Cavill , a beautiful neurosurgeon with a gentle heart . so I believe beyond love and hate lies fate and indeed fate is the lone player on the chessboard of life because it lies not in our power to love or hate for the will in use is overruled by fate .

Nyx_stealth · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings