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Mr. Phantom's Unrequited Love: Dear Wife, Please Be Mine.

Mr. Phantom's Unrequited Love: Dear Wife, Please Be Mine.

“Don't you dare step forth?” Her back knocked onto the window while her eyes viciously glared at the man leaning against the pillar. He was the nightmare she never wanted to witness, yet, here he was standing right in front of her. “What if I do?” He said teasingly with his brows arched and a roguish smirk emerging on his face before intentionally stepping ahead. “Tell me, honey. What does that man have that I lack? Fortune? I possess a sea of it. Assets? You can visit one each day. Fame? I can make you the queen.” “You lack feelings.” She grits her teeth and replied without any hesitation. Her blazing eyes settled upon on his enlarging smirk and a discernable sense of annoyance arose in her heart. Only God knew how badly she wanted to wipe that smirk off. “Feelings?” He scoffed while his long legs strode forth in her direction, entrapping her between his chest and the frosty glass. With his hands propped on the sides and face dangerously close to her lips, he raised her chin with his finger and uttered wickedly. “You mean desires? sex? Haven't you heard the song sweetheart? All good boys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you.” “You—” And eventually, the pitiful demoness was once again overthrown by the demon king. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life was already tough but after his arrival, everything changed~ Alina was born into one of the most powerful Mafia families in the City. Aside from freedom and right to her future, She more or less possessed everything. Leaving behind her demoness identity and intoxicating countenance, she was also known for her heartlessness and retaliation towards her rivals. Mistaking her emotions for love, she obsesses over a man and oaths to topple every obstacle in their path... Including the woman he loves. However, just as she assumes that everything's in her grip, a shadowy figure emerges out of nowhere, unknowingly dragging her heart along with him. He was the master in the world of cruelty and bloodshed. Believing in the motto: To Possess Or Destroy. He was the man of favors, living his life in a repeat mode. Until he unexpectedly found her, intrigued by her personality, he decides to dig deeper without even realizing the agonizing yet pleasant consequences he'd have to experience shortly. This is the story between entities with different personalities striving for the same goal. The entrenched passion seizes distinct modes in each of them before renouncing them with indescribable joy or either inexplicable amount of suffering. --------------- Hello dear reader! This is my first novel. Do read and comment if you like it. Your opinions matter particularly and will be of great help. Follow me on Instagram: @theliliac._

thelilacs · Contemporary Romance
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