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Baldwins Daughter - Reformed Death Eaters Book 1

"Mum?" I ask she turns to me "yes dear, what's wrong?" She asked "Umm, what if I don't want to be in Slytherin?" I ask she smiles at me "Listen, if you don't want to he in Slytherin that's fine. I'm pretty sure it will take your Feelings into account" she says I smile "what will?" I ask she gave a soft chuckle "the sorting hat dear" she says •~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Haile is the daughter of Anne and Richard Baldwin, the youngest of three. A year before Haile got her letter to Hogwarts her older brother Tony J. Baldwin, Mysteriously died, which shocked Haile she was depressed for a year though she is still sad She learns to be happy, she meets a shy boy at Diagon Alley called Lukas Dragur. On the train to hogwarts she meets three girls Luka Shuriken an orphan and adopted daughter to the Weasley's. Jennifer and Juliet whitecastle who's family are famous though Haile barely heard of them She meets other people during school, like Draco Malfoy son of Lucious Malfoy, Harry Potter the boy who lived. And love interests like Gabriel Trumen her house prefect, notorious bully Erin Bryce, And Ivan Lake a level headed, over excited Ravenclaw. Haile shows a more quiet personality and hates being surrounded  by people, Even worst she gets bullied for who her parents were, as the year goes on Haile gets closer to Hermione Granger, who becomes a good friend.

Pottah_Nation17 · Teen
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