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Heaven sent

Heaven sent

Aurora Jones will go on a journey to discover herself after losing the man she most admired, her hero, the man she called Dad. Thirteen years after his death, she follows in his footsteps, taking in his 20 year career. After years of reclusion from others she finds her self on a blind date with a wild beginning. The man she’s with though mysterious lacks any real motivation to reveal himself to her. Though she thinks he’s insane, she is interested in him and his history. Aurora is looking to satisfy her mother’s one desire, that her daughter date, get married, and have babies. Will this man complicate things or will he compliment her? Author’s note: Some of the events portrayed in this book were loosely based on real stories. PLEASE DO NOT TRY ANYTHING YOU READ WITHIN THIS STORY. Causing damage to one’s property and setting fires is dangerous and puts lives at risk. Thank you to first responders for inspiring the community. Special thank you to my firefighter for inspiring me to find something I’m passionate about. Thank you readers for growing with me as this story grows.

wasabiginger · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings