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The Start of the Whinok Children

Firebound The Start of the Whinok Children

As the world started, Dragons roamed their planet called Dragonheart. There were mammals to prey on or to have as friends, and there was plantation where there was supposed to be. Water was where it is supposed to be, and mountains pierced through the ground. One day, the great god Opalheart and his mate Rainbowquartz had a son, Prismshard. He grew cold and selfishness took over him, wanting to be the god of the whole world. One night he killed his mother in her sleep, thinking his father would die from being heartbroken. Turns out he was wrong, so he tried to find all eleven amulet makers. They refused and killed him on the spot, but his soul transferred to one amulet: Sky. It is said that whoever receives this amulet will either perish or overcome it and defeat Prismshard forever. As Opalheart is devastated, he agrees with all eleven amulet makers to make an amulet for special children named Whinok Children. These children would have a shiny glow to them, they would have two types, and they will be left at some point by their parents. He also asked them to help make a new planet, alive with all different creatures. That planet, called Apakai, is now what we humans call Earth. He made this planet so chosen dragons and Amulet Makers can roam freely from both planets and live as they please, but the animals from Apakai can not come back. As they set out across their land of Dragonheart looking for a hiding place to find all of the Children, the prophecy of the Whinok Children united and Dragonheart, along with Apakai, would forever be saved from these endless souls. Knowing this, Prismshard's children, the Fierce Ones, will fight until all Whinok Children get captured, weak, and suffer until they die from his own power.

Winter_Ashunay · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings