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The Void

Dear Mia, I’m writing this letter to apologize. Although you might not know this but the first day we met, you were three years old. You were swinging alone and I was with my friends. You seemed deep in thought and one of my friends had the grand idea to push you off the swing. I was way too young and foolish and that was the only reason I agreed to do it. In fact, I was the one to catch the swing in the air making you fall. You landed on your knees but stood up in a second and punched me so hard, I thought my teeth were going to fall out. The thing is, you were crying but still had the courage to hit me. I found it mesmerizing. I found you mesmerizing, the same way I did fifteen years later. I thought I would never see you again, oh how wrong I was, and I thank the Lord every day for it. I want you to know that I would do it again in a heartbeat because I love you. My point is, I’m sorry Mia. I’m sorry I made you cry that day, I’m sorry I wasn’t there, I’m sorry I was late but most importantly... I’m sorry I let you die. Mia, I’m so sorry. Sincerely, Thomas Anderson

YaseminnAvci · Teen
Not enough ratings