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"You're mine.Even before so stop acting like you don't know me because you don't know how much it hurts!" - "I don't even remember that i loved you." - 《PROJECT XEVEN》 There's no lie that you can hide for a very long time.Even if you can it will haunt your soul forever. ____ Hindi lahat ng bagay kaya mong makuha.Hindi lahat ng bagay kailangan mong angkinin.Hindi lahat ng bagay kailangan mong ipagpilitan.Dahil kahit ang mayroon ka lang ay ang puso mo kaya mong makuha ang babaeng kung ituring ng mundo ay kasinghalaga ng diyamanteng bato. - ( Xeven Jourd Delavin ) Hi guys read my book now! ?

v_rievenic_ · Teen
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