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Sweet Cowboys - Unexpected Love

I never thought I will be free of him, he had broken me physically, and mentally in billions of pieces, I am closed to love anyone besides my daughter's fruit of painful memories... I refused to let him keep abusing us and finally found a way out... The scars and bruises all over my body are so deep inside my soul that I will remember forever why I never should fall in love again, why I should never trust again... From an almost dead hopeless housewife to a multimillionaire Ice queen business owner, I had focused so much on my career that my body and mind starts to give up on me and burn for touch and caress that I had pushed far far away inside. Until one day my besties come with this crazy idea and show me a new way of release sexual frustration 1800 Sweet Cowboys.

SkylarGreyZzz ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings