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My Sweet Vengence

My Sweet Vengence

in this story Nadeshiko and Ohma meet just by coincidence wanting to get revenge on the same man that ruined their lives. Nadeshiko once lived in her luxurious mansion with her powerful family. All her family ever did was fight for humanity, they were once looked upon as gods and heros until one day a very cruel man murdered her entire family. One day Nadeshiko finally comes out from work entertaining and waitressing at a five star restaurant when suddenly she gets cornered by four street thugs in a alley. just as Ohma finished his fight with the powerful Buddhist, he saw the woman being talk down by four big apes. Though he didn't really care for the woman he wasn't really satisfied with the fight he just had so he hungered for more. and just as he was about to intervene the woman began to fight four big thugs taking them down like dominoes. one of the thugs refuses to get beaten up by a woman so he gets up and tries to tackle her down but Ohma is quick on his feet and punches the thug on his face sending him flying to the brick wall. As Nadeshiko is about to leave Ohma stops her in her tracks by gripping her wrist tightly. "fight me!" he asks her with excitement. She only throws him over her shoulder and snaps his wrist as she finally heads home. She soon finds out that the man that murdered her family is going to be at the kengan matches so she basically signs herself up to the Tokunaga Corporation and enters the Kengan association. However she soon meets up again with a familiar face who just happens to be Ohma once again. but What she doesn't know is that they're both after the same bastard to get their hands on their sweet revenge. will they work together? or fight each other to the death? Ohma Tokita D.O.B: 05/02/1990 Nadeshiko Tokunaga D.O.B: 02/14/1995 Also I don't own all the pictures or the manga or anime credit goes to all artists.

Otaku23242526 · Anime & Comics
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