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The Good End For the Villainess

The Good End For the Villainess

That night, she was bored and illegally downloaded and installed "Life is but a Rose", the most cheesy and terribly rated otome game of 2001. Just as promised, it was laughably bad. She heckled the game the entire night, finishing it at dawn. As she fell asleep she thought, "Did monkeys write this? How could they let the characters be so dumb, if it were me I wouldn't be that stupid..." And then she woke up in the body of a child, "Camilla Florentine." The dumbest character of them all: the villainess. Bad ends and death flags are all that await the arrogant and proud Daughter of the Duke. But only if she went according to the script! As long as she makes her own "Escape Route", surely nothing could go wrong... "Huh? I activated a hidden route? Who cares about that! Love flags or whatever, I've got a great job lined up and can live how I want, screw the game's fate and capture targets! I'M FREEEEEEE!" Runs out the door. Years later: "Why did a Capture Target follow me to a completely different country??????"

QueenoftheFuzzyBug · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings