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A Court of After the War

After the war Rhysand and I had been doing well, and it just got better. Starting just before A Court of Frost and Starlight and continuing after. Following the story of our favorite characters and their choices. In the format of ACOFAS where the chapters each have the point of view from each character. This is my first fanfic so please enjoy and comment. I do not own any of these characters from the book, only those that I have created for the story.

AudreyAndThomas_15 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

A Court of Shadows and Gold

Anabella Daugherty was having the best birthday of her life, celebrating with her friends, until her boyfriend broke up with her. With so much sorrow in her heart and looking to get away, Anabella and her crazy roommate find out a very peculiar website from the weirdest nerd in the university making an interesting proposal to shift their reality.

Isabela_Fernandes · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings