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-COMPLETED- Explosions...at the end of the world... "If you could save your friends today...would you?" Li Huai is given a dream of tomorrow, a terrible tomorrow. And he is given a choice to change it, but at what cost...

LinYang · Magical Realism
Our Atlantis

Our Atlantis

Atlantis is a mysterious place but not everyone was corrupted by greed and wanted immoral pursuits. For some, this was the time of romance and new beginnings. Fate throws Perseus, a new 20 year old leader of Dasia, on an interesting loop when Cephalus, a 22 year old knight from Rhodes court, arrives strangely on the island. The timing couldn't be any worse as there are dark forces approaching the islands. Will Perseus manage to focus on the harvest festival or will fate have plans for him involving the dark forces approaching the islands?

StoryRose · Fantasy
Not enough ratings