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The Last Infernal - Innocence of Youth

The Last Infernal - Innocence of Youth

Important notice: this here shared is the published-final work that was as-is done as of November of 2011 and is my legacy original that I self-edited and did when I was 15 years old. There is plenty of mistakes and structure issues nor does it have what I fully intended it to be. Hence why I am working on a completely revised new edition that is titled "Infernus Reversal - Fate" hoping to have for 2020. However in good faith and memory I thought to share this past work. I understand there is lots of mistakes and I already have a mindset how to tell the story in the future better. I will NOT BE Editing/revising these files for improvement for this edition. It is final as is. If any reader is interested in the overhaul remake please look towards the new titled book as it's a work in progress. As for this old-edition... It tells tale of a young female dragon of the fire element and her best childhood friend Shaol and how two innocent young dragons must overcome the unexpected plot of dramatic changes altering their very way of life in a way never expected after one disaster turns onto a new way of life forced upon. ISBN-10: 1105279138 As a last note; some critical changes that will happen in the NEW revamped book; * There will be a prologue + introducing major characters such as a main human character and elemental dragon leaders. * Better build up involving characters prior to Korvi's birth such as her sister, father, Tranras * Believably updates, changes to feeding, teaching and interaction. * Design changes to some characters such as Korvi born fluffy. * Invasion on territory massive overhaul such as arrival by ships and extended mission duration. This was a core issue over territory size. Long sum up short, there will be completely new chapters, revised/re-written chapters and extensions and much greater content revision for the 2020 works... A lot has changed from 2011 edition to now so while people are free to take this as is please bear in mind that this is just a legacy that I am not deleting however several parts may hold null-void reasonings. Such as why the murder of the sister and how that occurred will be altered heavily for purpose and plot. All feedback is welcome however please don't try to suggest any fixes for this.

Shaolth · Fantasy
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