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Luna’s diaries

❥❥❥Follow luna ☾ through the phases of her life where friendship ☻︎ love ♥︎ and hardships ☹︎ all coexist

Luna_fairy_pen · Teen
Not enough ratings

Kitsune's Fire

Kimiya and her older sister, Masako have been on the run ever since they were young. After a terrible accident came upon their family, they have been on their own ever since. Hiding in the shadows to hide their identity. An identity that leads to their extinction. The Kitsune Sister. Kitsune are known to be the most dangerous creature in the supernatural realm. Where fire and lightning cause chaos and ruins wherever they go. Kimiya and Masako found a place in Minnesota, where there are fewer people in it and they stay out of people's business of course. Kimiya is only 18 so she has to finish high school and that's what she is going to do while Masako work. Jenkin Senior High School, known to fill with werewolves. Kimiya plan to never speak nor make friends with anyone until the end of high school. But a guy with diamond, blue eyes, however... Not only he will make her talk, but her secrets as well. Can kitsune and werewolves really get along? Time to find out! *BOOK COVER IS ORIGINALLY FROM CANVA, THANK YOU~"

Bibi_Leo_Graphy99 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings