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Ambience of Ambiguity

Vine is concerned when her siblings drop in her state with their own agenda. Despite the general obligation of running away from their mother. Not long, they are discovered....again but by different set of people. They separate leaving to different countries with these people hot on their heels. Vine ends up in Poland nevertheless framed in a scandal getting imprisoned. With the help of an inmate, they escape becoming Europe's most wanted. They go to the one place she had no idea to dread. Her county of half origin. There she meets the unexpected, expected and unrealistic. A Mafia empire headed by the one and only Sarita Rathore. Her goddamn grandmother! Looking for an heiress. *****************************SNEAK PREVIEW******************************* "No es mi culpa. This is all your fault." "My fault? I wasn't the one acting like a know-it-all." He defended. "Don't get on my nerves Zaph. Here's the deal. You give them the fake money and we take the real one with us to the north. What do you say?" Cedrene improvised hoping Zaph would consent to it. Author Note: Tagged romance? Yes! Read at the risk of ya mental health. Make sure an oxygen full tank is beside you!

Daoist_Showers ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings