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Love is Sweet: The Nation’s Princess Meets Her True Love

Excerpt: The corners of Lu Chenjun’s lips slightly curled up into an unreadable smile. ‘I let you go once because I was foolish and I thought that was what you wanted. I didn’t cherish you and didn’t treat you well before. Now that you are back, I will definitely not let you leave my side again. . . never again.’ Lu Chenjun stared at the woman on the screen with gentle and loving eyes, ‘Yinghui, let me take care of you, spoil you, and love you. . .’ --- Just like any other romance story, our female lead Jin Yinghui was cruelly kicked out of her home at the age of 18. In despair, she left for Korea and became a successful female idol through her hard work and dedication. Her breathtaking visuals and diverse talents earned her the title of the Nation’s Princess in Korea. She tried her best to wipe away all the bad memories from her past and even used a different name, Elena. Her life takes another turn when her company sends her back to her birthplace, Jin Province. In her homeland, new challenges are awaiting her. Jealousy from other celebrities and little fame in the entertainment industry of the Jin Province all stand as obstacles that prevent Elena from taking the easy path. However, one good thing does find its way to Elena in the Jin Province. She meets Lu Chenjun, the CEO of the LIQuan Company. As a playboy, he develops an interest in Elena and asks her to be his girlfriend. Elena understands that she needs a pillar to hold onto and help her build a strong foundation in the entertainment industry of the Jin Province. She consents to his proposal and Lu Chenjun becomes her first boyfriend. Will their relationship remain strong or will the challenges that appear break them apart? --- Note: This is a slow romance novel and there are some misunderstandings that all get cleared up relatively quickly. Update: 1 to 2 chapters daily and mass releases often This is an original story by me and not a translation. The picture in the cover is not mine. Credits to the owner :) I hope you enjoy it! Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/FVwPydp

helemon_ · Contemporary Romance


The reluctant groom... Jacques Henry Cole or Jack was turning thirty soon and he needed to get married in order to inherit the family business according to his father’s last will and testament. Everything’s been prepared for his wedding, but there’s one big problem: There’s no bride – not that he bothered finding one. The impulsive bride… To stop her father from retiring from the job he loved to take care of her, heiress Alexandra Lee or Alex suddenly declared she was getting married and that her husband would take care of the business. She did find someone suitable to marry, but there’s one big problem: She caught the groom cheating the night before the wedding! The clock’s ticking and they needed to get married! “When life gives you lemons what do you do? Have it with tequila of course! Drink it straight up just as long as you're sure where you'll end up... For troubled heirs Jacques Henry Cole, and Alexandra Lee, it's in the same place: TOGETHER" ============= THIS COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED! HOW? WHEN? WHY? "We're m-married?" Alex almost choked on her words. Her blue eyes popped out of their sockets as she stared at the incriminating piece of paper wherein it's stated that she and Jacques were now lawfully wedded. "B-but h-how did this happen? I c-can't remember anything!" Panicking, she stood up, her eyes transferred to Jacques in alarm, but the latter waved her back onto her seat which she followed without protesting since her legs wobbled. "Why are you so spooked? We decided to get married anyway so it doesn't matter that it's already done with, right?" he reminded her reasonably. "R-right," Alex agreed absentmindedly before she stood up again, perplexed. "I mean no! What kind of people get married and forget the ceremony?" she blurted which earned her a thoughtful look from the equally forgetful groom. "Ehrm…drunkards like us?" Jacques offered and Alex rolled her eyes in frustration as she collapsed and leaned back on her seat, her hand zeroing on her temple which began to throb. Right! Who else could pull this stunt other than a stinking drunk couple like them? Please support by voting! START DATE: June 1,2020 update schedule: MW [2 chapters a week] [author is pregnant] Join Love Drunk's discord here: https://discord.gg/Vv7uPrN or get me coffee here for my effort? https://ko-fi.com/schreient

schreient · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Mysterious Women

Yang Yan and ruthless, aloof , cold hearted , genius in the buisness world . He is hell handsome who can just make women fall in love only one sight but one such day at an shareholders meeting with Sia firms he falls in love with a mysterious women without even seeing her face , for him just her almond shape light brown eyes were enough to fall for her . He saw her , his lips move upward just thinking about how he will pin her down forever by his side for the rest of the life . ...................... Will he able to cure the pain of her past ? Will he able to make her forever ? Will she able to love someone ? This story is about how a cold hearted man make her love of the life to come back from the darkness of her past.

UPSC_Aspirant · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings