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Attack on Titan: Alternate

Attack on Titan: Alternate

Follow Aria as she traverses the Attack on Titan world, will she change the story to her own liking, save people that couldn’t be saved or let the flow of time set the path for itself. credit for the picture goes to a person on Pinterest, if they wish for me to take it down, please contact me.

Fotia · Anime & Comics
Teen Wolf rebirth

Teen Wolf rebirth

Elizabeth Everly is sent to teen wolf after death, becoming a werewolf science teacher at beacon hills.

TheTrueDao · others
Saving Mark!

Saving Mark!

Time to save the real world and the digital world! Mark! I;m coming for you! Yeah baby let's do this!" she exclaimed as she stepped into the portal with the four behind her. Her life just got better and interesting.

nightmareBonnie20 · Celebrities & Real People
Not enough ratings