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Eldest Daughter is Beautiful and Decrepit

"Confession: On a snowy night, she was wearing a red dress and riding a horse. She was stopped outside the city by the prince of another country. Xiao Rongyan: Miss Bai, you saved me time and time again. Do you like me? Bai Qingyan: Young Master Xiao, you misunderstand. Xiao Rongyan: I have saved Miss Bai time and time again. Do you like me? Bai Qingyan: … Love recommendations: This story would definitely give you a refreshing and enjoyable reading. This is a story that touches countless women and empowers them to not rely on men or their families. This is a story of a wise and brave female general who leads her four sisters to fight for her family, fight for the throne, and settle any feud. Finally, they live a happy life with the equally outstanding and gentle prince of another country. Detailed introduction: In a previous life, Defender Duke Estate is feared by the petty emperor because of its invincible defense of the frontier while being loved and respected by the people. The emperor colludes with treacherous officials to fabricate evidence, causing an army of 100,000 to die on the battlefield. The men of the Bai family die in battle and their daughters are humiliated. All the meritorious achievements they had rendered for the nation are reduced to ashes. What indignation! How could the loyal die in such an unjust manner? Such a strong obsession is so deep that even heaven and earth are moved by it. The eldest daughter of the Bai Clan, Bai Qing, is reborn. She swears to never allow the Bai Clan to follow in the footsteps of her previous life. The men of the Bai family are dead, and there's no place for the Bai Clan in the capital anymore? Xiao Rongyan, the wealthy merchant of the Great Wei Kingdom, says, ""The Bai family, which has been defending the nation for a hundred years, has never produced trash. A daughter is no exception."" Later… The eldest daughter of the Bai family becomes a war god. She becomes an undefeated legend. She carries the coffin of the Bai family's men across the streets and swears publicly: In this life, she would expel her enemies and protect her territory. She would also inherit her grandfather's will and become a general. The second daughter of the Bai family is the matriarch of the newly-appointed marquis's estate in the royal court. None of those noble madams with nefarious thoughts dare to defy her. The third daughter of the Bai family is the second richest businesswoman in the world. She can get anything done easily. … Bai Qingyan remembers that Xiao Rongyan had helped her many times in her past life. She secretly sends him a few messages to help him hide his true identity. He's obviously a prince of a weak country, but he has a huge amount of wealth. Xiao hides in a big city and originally plans to obtain intelligence from other countries to strengthen his own country. However, he meets Bai time and time again. He's amazed by her beauty—a masculine beauty that doesn't show frailty. His heart races—a feeling he has never experienced before. They go to the battlefield together and fight against the unjust world."

Thousand Birch Shedding · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings