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108-year-old Half-vampire Mystica Hoedvil has been serving the Royal Roonan Vampire Family her whole life, but she's slowly starting to realize there's a world beyond vampires she has never explored. Dedicated to discovering the outside world, Mystica steps out of the mansion knowing that she can never return. She meets Aldin Holloway, a 24-year-old college dropout, and falls in love with him. Soon, Mystica's secret of being a vampire is revealed. Aldin accepts her phantom side, but only with a deal: Mystica must become his Mistress. With the need to find herself and the desire to prove herself as a dominant vampire, Mystica finally finds her calling, but will she be able to control her vampiric side enough to spare Aldin's life? Meanwhile, what's happening to the Royal Vampires? A world of red wine, moonlight, and whips; explore the life of vampires, dominants, submissive, and Mystica as she finds out the risks of being a vampire in a world much gory than the Vampiric community. There's more pain in the outer realm, where sunlight shines and exposes the dirty secrets of everyone... Because wherever you are, everything is about DOMINATION.

iso_roelevield · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

My seductress. (18+)

She walked into the building as all eyes were on here. A powerful dominating aura radiating from her. Everyone was looking at her with respect and admiration. A true lady by nature, a strong persona. Love. Love was something she never got. So she never felt it. Being in love with someone, they say love is an amazing thing! It can melt a cold heart. But can it truly change her? Maybe. Cause someone simple and clumsy crashed in her life. Let's know about her beautiful, heart touching love story! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ •May contain strong language, eroctic scenes and drug use.

Altragacia · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings