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I’m the Kyuubi(‘s Sister)!

I’m the Kyuubi(‘s Sister)!

[Reviews made only for the sake of giving a low-starred rating, will, inevitably, be removed.] Chakra Beast Fox Girl. Honestly, that's it. This was just one of my many attempts to live life in a more interesting world. --- I don't own either the picture or Naruto. I do own my OC at least. Though, seeing that I won't continue this fanfiction anymore, anybody could decide to use ideas from my novel?

YomiMalin · Anime & Comics
The Happy Family ( Naruto fanfic )

The Happy Family ( Naruto fanfic )

This story is about how you (female mc) enter the Naruto world and save everyone possible. While you are at it you encounter situations which were not originally in the Naruto verse. Oh well you being there has brought some changes so you work hard to restore everything back to normal. Read the story to enjoy the adventure.

MonsterCrimson · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings