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Redhawk's Legacy

Redhawk's Legacy

In the world where immortals became Guardians and choose their Chosens, Arielle Corana Ruby was born with a Demon Lord - one of the strongest immortal - as her Guardian, and everyone either feared her or yearned her for her powers. She was trained since young to learn how to use her power, and her family forced her to the battlefield with this power. And then she ran away. She found a new home - a new family - in a circus, becoming an entertainer... but after six years of happiness, it was burned down by her enemies. She was forced back to her true blood family who would probably force her back to the battlefield again. Now, she had to choose her path - would she choose the most convenient route by staying in her comfort zone, or would she dare to challenge herself an entirely different future? Currently there are 6 routes, and that route will start by what she immediately do after she was brought back...

onesixzerosixone · Fantasy Romance
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