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Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen

Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen

Theodora is the Queen of Polis, a city-state that lost the war against the most powerful empire in the continent. She is sure that they'll execute her immediately, but somehow she survives the meeting with the Emperor, and she finds herself... Married? Who is that mysterious man that is now her husband, and why does he seem to know so much about her? Can she accept him, and maybe find love, or will she forever hold the grudge of her city losing its freedom? A fallen queen, that doesn't know how to be anything else, and a handsome Duke who's the cause of her ruin. Will they find some happiness in a marriage that's been apparently forced on them? From the story: «I'm sorry for lying to you, your grace...» «You can use that same story if another person asks you about the paintings.» «I'm not that believable.» «You're a Duchess. No one will dare to consider your words a lie: if you say that you were painting souls, then it's the truth.» «I will remember it.» «No, you have to understand it, Theodora. You're not a prisoner, but my wife. I'll protect you when you need it, and I'll help you with any issue you have. You're not just a Duchess in the name. You're my Duchess.» «It's hard to believe in such a short amount of time.» «For now, stop shaking like a chicken. I won't hurt you.»

xiaohai_23 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings