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The Stranger.

The Stranger.

"What are you doing?" She asked him confused about why he is behaving this way. "Cleansing the dirt" He grumbled. Oh! She noticed his hands but they are clean like they just got out of a manicure session. "There is no dirt. What did you even touch?" She asked him still very confused as he washed his hands for the second time. She guessed that this guy must have some obsession with cleaning. "YOU!!" He growled like a wolf that is ready to attack its opponent. What? Are we playing wolf now? or so she thought. ********************************************************************************************** She is Charming, Beautiful, Nerdy but still a Hottie, Intelligent. He is a Child-Prodigy, Hot, Mysterious, Female-Hater. She wants to know a lot about him like 'why does he wear only a black hoodie?' 'Where is his family?' 'Does he even have a home?' 'What are his eyes are like? and What emotions flow in them?' and so-on...... His profession, educational background, family background, so-on all are still a big MYSTERY to everyone. It's like he doesn't even exist on the blue planet. ........... You may find this story boring in the initial chapters but the story develops as you move.. Please give it a try! Thank you!

PotatoDreams · Teen
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