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My Way To You

My Way To You

First Arc: "Don't leave me! Just look at me and stay awake!" Words that haunted Ariana's dreams for as long as she remembered. Dying in the arms of her lover as they both are surrounded and engulfed in flames. However Ariana's quirks never stopped her from living her life. Her journey starts from when her adoptive mother sells her at the tender age of 12, afraid that she was stealing her adoptive father's love. A blow to her head unlocks her past life's memories and life skills. Any object she touches relating to her past life unlocks her past skills and education. Using her memories she changes the brothel she's sold to into a maid cafe, and slowly changes her community. While creatures called Lumas are born from her powers to protect Ariana but who are the Lumas really protecting? Especially when she gets her period on her 13th birthday and it morphs her into a humanoid garnet dragon. Second Arc: In a world full of magic, beast men, warriors, adventurers and elementals could there really be something more frightening then a girl with mixed blood? Garnet dragon, child of the jewel eyed priestess and the soul of someone who was summoned from Earth. Ariana is fully awoken to who she is and has started her life in St. Verusha Academy as their perfect score student. She will have to grow into the young lady she wants to be while trying to unravel the mysteries of her life. With the help of Cayden, her childhood friend and the the Lumas, Ariana will discover the roads she can walk down. The only problem is will she choose destruction or human evolution? Love or world dominance? Revenge or forgiveness? Or will she allow her human mind and heart to be devoured by the darkness inside of her because of a massive betrayal from the one person she thought meant the most to her?

Scarlettbunny · Fantasy Romance
The Waitress & The Base Player

The Waitress & The Base Player

She needed angry post break up sex and He was more than willing to comply. A friendship was not in the nights description but that's where they find themselves. Fraeya was a waitress at local restaurant of a small town of Bisbee. Zach was just a base player of the new up and coming Screamo band called Necrosis. They were meant to be a one night stand but for some reason they built the strangest no strings attached relationship to exist.

Akvirtherivv · Contemporary Romance
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