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Bullied by the Dragon

Niklaus, 22 years old. The leader of the black bull. He gets a new personal assistant for his company. Turns out she is the leader of the worlds top mafia. The double dragon. Alina, 20 years old. The leader of the double dragon. She goes undercover to help find her mom. What happens when she comes face to face with her future. "Why did you come here then if you didnt want to fall in love" Niklaus's voice boomed threw the office as he looked at you. Hurt , pain and worry all in his eyes. "I didnt know I would fall in love with you. I only came to see what happened with my parents and to find my mother! Then I actually got to know you. And I fell in love. It want my idea too. It just happened. I'm sorry!!" I say on the verge of crying. I hurt him and I know I did I need to make this right between us. What do you think will happen? Read to find out!

Alanah_Rucker ยท Teen
Not enough ratings