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Demon Wars - Tales of The Rogue Paladin

Demon Wars - Tales of The Rogue Paladin

When the forces of light face the harbingers of darkness, no one is safe. Will Damien be able to stave off the approaching demons and save those dear to him? Follow our MC Damien as he travels throughout the world, taking on missions to free cities overrun by demons. Watch as he meets old and new friends, and makes even more enemies. The year is 1325, and although firearms do not exist yet, holy and dark energy make up for it. Will Damien remain good, or will he fall into the clutches of darkness? I do not own the cover.

KR_Wells · Magical Realism
The Ugly Barnacle

The Ugly Barnacle

Maybe a story will cheer you up.

mt805 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings