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Fetters OF Destiny

Love.. Which one's true? The one who Sent me to an unknown place Just for his Accomplishments. Who didn't care about me, But his mission. OR The one who  Cared for my every scratch, Every tear. The one who Takes all my pains away Which were all meant for me. I ask myself  Who I want to be? One's duty OR One's Lover? Love.... Which completes me. Which is meant only for me. Lover…. Whose tears break my heart. Whose smile makes my day. Whose laugh gives me a reason to live. And Duty.... Which broke me. Duty keeper…. Who played with my heart. Who didn't care of my existence. Who fooled me for his mission. Who used me as needed. And threw me away when not. The story of Reselda, Who had one thing missing from her life  'Love' Whose life was simple but satisfying. But an encounter ruined it all. Gave her the expectations of life full of Love and warmth. But who knew it was all a play, A play to get her to destroy his enemy, But life is not just of deceit. Destiny had written the unexpected Of the two genuine souls   Who Met  And became one. Enrique Augustus Collins fell for Aurora  Genuinely , Who gave her all the love she deserved,  Who didn't leave her side.. Though Vincent Salvatore Ferragamo created disastrous boulders for them...... A tale with twists and turns  Yet the never-ending Eternal love remains.

Bhumika_Das_9 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings