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Counterfeit Hero

Counterfeit Hero

In times of war… What is a Battle Mecha engineer expected to do? Are they expected to do research and realize their imagination? How about a Battle Mecha pilot? Are they expected to enter battle with their mechas as they display their exquisite control through bizarre and bewildering techniques? What about a member of the special scouts? Are they expected to infiltrate deep into the enemy lines as they use stellar unarmed fighting skills to suppress the enemy with a single move? Or are they expected to make use of disguises and stealth techniques to take out the enemy? And what about a military officer? Are they expected to analyze the outcome of a battle? Or are they expected to create brilliant strategies to triumph over the enemy through a miraculous move? For someone who excels in human psychology, deceit, assassination, and disguise, what happens when that person is merged with all those professions? This is the story of a cowardly, wretched, and despicable fatty. -------------- Releasing: Mon, Wed, Fri, and Weekend

72 Bian · War&Military
Oh My Villainess

Oh My Villainess

After falling asleep after reading a historical smut novel, Ryan couldn't help but complain about how the 'villains', particularly one of the villainess step-sisters were treated in the story, along with the author turning the fierce male lead into a lovesick puppy. She dreams that she's the youngest step-sister, and attends the ball, and 'helps' the drugged Emperor. Waking up after, she expects to find herself in her apartment in the 21st Century but instead finds herself in the arms of a man who seems to the Emperor. Leaving, only her ripped dress behind, she's unaware of how much she's just changed the plot as a whole.

spoiledmlktea · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings