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Alex suddenly wakes up in the midst of cheering and jeering just a moment after his death, with memories of the incident being a blur. He tries to understand his situation. He soon finds out that, he had appeared in a totally different world, a one that he knew very well but didn't completely understand. And him not being Human had put him in a precarious situation as he was aware of the tragedy that awaits the future. with all this, he chose to Grow stronger in order to survive and change Fate it self. This Novel is a participant of the Web Novel spirity awards Spring 2020, so your votes and the like would be very helpful!!. The Cover art was gotten from DefiantArt and isn't mine...If anyone would want to help with one, you can chat me up on discord with Daoist XuYi#2777 Thank you! PS: I hereby declare that this story is purely fictitious and has nothing to do with specific characters, institutions, groups, or cases. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

Daoist_Xuyi · Fantasy
ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.

ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.

[The gods are alive] 1000 years ago, the rift opened. That day, the myths came alive one after the other. gods and devils became reality. [The gods are bastards] 1000 years later, the world still suffers from the sequel of the rift. Walking with a valkyrie, dunking with a giant, swimming with a mermaid. The extraordinary becomes ordinary. Humans, the weakest, but the most tenacious races found a way to not be outclassed and enslaved. Steal and grow. Be it by using the power of the stars, the power of the very being who threatened them, or even the power of technology, humans never stopped trying to reach the domain of the gods. Follow Sol, our hero, a constellationist, as he fights, grows, and reaches the apex in this world full of myths and conspiracy. Disclaimer: The picture used as a cover doesn't belong to me. Notice: I will always post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a minimum. I will always post more if I have time. Notice 2: The chapters are separated in part. But each part is between 1500-2500 words on average. So each part is even longer than some chapters in other stories. I'm writing another story called TRIALS: PATH TOWARD GODHOOD. it's a fanfic. Go take a look.

REDLAW · Magical Realism
Sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry, this story was put down because of a mistake I made about the classification. . If you already had it in your library, You'll find it by searching on the fanfic section. The name is still the same. THE TRIALS:PATH TOWARD GODHOOD Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

REDLAW · Fantasy
Not enough ratings