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The Last X

The Last X

Chen Yu lost his life of luxury, pleasure, and thrills, was forced to live as a thousand tragically minor characters, to die a thousand tragically minor deaths. Now he only needs to successfully complete ten last missions to escape the system's control. Done with playing bit parts, he can finally crush the golden fingers, chomp the thick thighs, crumple the plot armor and outshine the proud children of heaven.

1381 · Romance
Souls : Finding Love

Souls : Finding Love

Ivanov Williams had rightfully died after saving a good little dog that had belonged to him but the irony was that just the day before that the dog had been kicked out of his apartment by him after forgetting to feed it for days. We could neither call him kind nor cruel. The Gods assessed his karma and determined it to be neutral and therefore gave him a job. A job, which done well, will take you to an eternally peaceful place with everything at your disposal and if not will plunge you to the depths of despair... How will Ivanov fair in this difficult job? Read to find out! **Warning** A story about love and sexual relationship between men.

Ress_Cruez · LGBT+
Not enough ratings