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Supreme Harem System

Supreme Harem System

Normally, death will be the end, but it's just the beginning for Ryan Maxwell. With the privileges he acquired as the host of a System that evolved into the Supreme Harem System due to his wish, can he stay true to his desire? Or will his obligations become the hindrance in his attempt to be the Harem Supreme? Let's find out, shall we? ——— Release: Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday at 00.00 AM GMT+8 ——— Image Copyright: myhilary (Deviantart) ——— If you like this story, consider supporting me at: - P*treon.com/crazysnail ——— Author's Thought: I'm Indonesian, so English isn't my main language. Sorry if you find out some mistakes in grammar structures and punctuations and typos. I write this story to exercise my writing skills before I'm confident enough to release my original story. Thank you.

CrazySnail05 · Fantasy