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The Devil's Sweetheart

°°Alarm bell:Mature content. Slow ignition book. Burlesque comedy, sitcom, full-on entertainment°° °°A small caution: FL is a narcissist.°° "It's always been you and for the rest of my life, it will be you. Till my last breath, I will guard you with my life for eternity. My promise." A near-death experience made her fall into pits of despair and received a fatal blow when it was revealed she may not walk again. But none could deter her spirits in raising against the odds. She sought for alternatives after alternatives and turned her pain into a smile. Five years, stardom followed Leena Hayes, she grew up to a renowned model, an entrepreneur, capsized her own company from scratch. She has achieved eminence in five years. Instead of choosing her revenge on the people who caused her dire state, she chose the path of redemption and from then on there is no turning back for her. Wang Devin, his name itself would turn the world into a frenzy, a rare mystique. A model turned business tycoon, his wealth knew no abundance, his power knew no boundaries. Handsome, sharp-tongued, he has been named as WholePackage in the modeling industry for his dapper style and charming looks. His razor-sharp tongue-tied with the encounter of dazzling Leena and fell for her topsy-turvy. But he soon found it's not easy to tranquilize her heart, for she is a man-hater. Will he able to ignite the sparks in her heart? Will she reciprocate his love? .... Leena Hayes: Wacky, snazzy, sharp-witted, self-centered narcissist. Wang Devin: Spicy, sharp-tongued, helot to his sweetheart. She was the sugar. He was the spice. Their paths unexpectedly collided. Just after, everything felt nice. And they set off as tyrannizing mates. Come and experience the barrel of laughs with their amazing witty sallies. .... Their Love "I fell in love with your soul even before I touched your skin. If this is not true love_" "You touched my soul long before what your hands feel like. If this is not true love, then I don't know what else I could name our relationship." She completed it for him. ... Their Passion "I love how your breath pauses when I put my __" She blushed and hit his shoulder even before he could proceed further. Despite she loved his dirty side, she would never admit it to this shameless man. "Where did you throw your gentleman image Mr.Adonis." Pulling him by his shirt, she nibbled his jaw. "Trust me, sweetheart, I am still a gentleman with the real dirty mind, only for you." His raspy seductive whispers were enough to make her think of all the filthy things he would do to her. .... °°This is my original novel°° °°A sweet vis á vis story.°° °°Cover pic is edited according to my interest. All credits to the original owner°° °°Join the discord @: https://discord.gg/p4AWrb9°° IG : ainsley_author

ainsley · Contemporary Romance

A legendary's little tale

The color of clothing I wear becomes the equal of emotion I have. Well, that's what the other say. I always get avoided by people. Just because me so -called emotions is not to be on the way. I don't really care about anything, and I don't really mind about everyone. Everything is always okay.

Blu3flair · Teen
Not enough ratings