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A Beautiful Nightmare

When someone's past come back it shall always haunt him in a tireless noisy dream...or is it a nightmare we meet? ∆ After the death of her parents, Aerial runs away to Luna into the heart of darkness where wolves, mythical creatures, and monsters prowl in the shadows of the Sacred mountains. On her run, she meets a power lurking and controlling the deep secrets hidden in the heart of the forest. But what happens when that power was passed among to her? Luna, the land of stars, has fallen on to great misery, people been hunted by the unknown darkness, the stars dulled from the war. But what happens when the crown passes her faith to Aerial? ******** [You can find my story on RoyalRoad.com !}

shaznalye06 · Sci-fi Romance

The stolen gem

Once there was a kingdom called anovia and there were 5 different clan shadows, werewolves, witches, fairies, and humans and in the clans were children (rebal the badass of the group and is a werewolf, Rosabella the kind one and is a fairy, chad is the bumbass of the group and is a human, midnight is the goth of the group and is a shadow, Mendel is the smartass of the group and is a witch) but one day a disaster came tubing along and now it's up to them to save their kingdom from the darkness. And then many questions start to pile up .will rebal find the person who killed her father, and fall in love with midnight? How will chad get married to a girl he doesn't love but have to stay away with a girl that he does love? Will rose be able to take in the loss of her father and her mother who secretly has an illness? Will Mendel become the smartest living thing, will he be able to find love? will midnight be able to choose between two girls that he loves? will he succeed as king? all these questions but no answers but there is a time for everything and this truly puts these kids to the test of how strong their friendship bond is, but the question everyone want to know the most. will they be able to save there kingdom from the darkness or will they crumble to the ground ...........once more

Sabina_funs · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

Sharie Levine and the Legends of Old: Nightmares

TrinityBuerkle15 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings