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"A shiver suddenly went down my spine making my heart sink as I clutched my pillow tightly. It felt as though someone was hovering over me. Furrowing my brows, my eyes slowly fluttered open only to be met with shinning bright yellow orbs just few inches away from my face" - Brian white a teenager who is still trying to get over his mother's mysterious death, gets sucked into a magical realm of mythical creatures. He meets Lyria, a half-human, half-goblin halfbreed sent to retrieve a stolen Amulet meant to maintain the peace between all mythical races. Brian and Lyria must work together to find the said Amulet while overcoming certain challenges on the way discovering his true identity and why his mother was murdered. Ever heard of a Gobman? Neither has Brian.

Da_Witty · Fantasy

It all started with a deal with the devil

Omg ,my life is a mess ,God I can't believe what I just did. It all started with me making a deal with the devil himself, I made the biggest mistake of my life ,Sorry I guess am taking too much, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Alicia ,I am in my senior year ,I am not like normal girls and I don't behave like a bitch,I guess that's all for now. if you want to know add the book and read it,thank you.

Amatullah_Salami_1143 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings