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I became the sweetheart of the twisted sinner Archduke.

Lucy is a medical university student in the present world, an emotionless ice queen. Unbeknownst to everyone, she was a girl who’s guilty pleasure is reading redemption and reincarnation novels where the villainess who did bad deeds due to circumstances was given a chance to redeem herself and have a better life. On one fine day, while reading a famous novel where the female lead tortures the villainess to her death till the end , she feels sorry for Duchess Luciana, the antagonist for having a sorry life and then getting tortured in the prison till the end. And due to series of events and meeting a mysterious man and her suspicious grandmother who always tells her to believe in magic, the next moment she lands herself in the novel as Duchess Luciana. A novel or a different reality? Lucy: *glaring*WHAT IS THIS? Shameless Author: *anxious* HEHHEHE. THIS IS A GOOD NOVEL. GIVE IT A CHANCE.BUT YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE. AHEM. I MEAN NO ONE WILL BOTHER YOU. Lucy: _ _ * The story has yet to begin. It’s fine if the author is immature. Author : *whines in silence*. She will be the lead of her own story and will live a life of luxury and bliss. It’s okay if no one cares of her. ............................................................................. After few months, Wait, why is her heartless father showering her with expensive gifts? Why is her cold and emotionless brother acting like a tsundere and gifting her strawberry tarts? And why is the archduke who would bring ruin to the imperial family stands in front of my balcony everyday in pretension of admiring the beautiful view of blue frost lake? ________________________________________ Lucy: *angry* YOU SAID NO ONE WILL BOTHER ME? Author: ohh, I also forget to tell you that the emperor wants to make you your god daughter and the head of the mages want to recruit you as his personal disciple. Enjoy!!!!!. Lucy: _ _ * What do you expect from a shameless author??? Do give this novel a try. Hehehehe.!!.!!.

Rosewine · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings