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"Take one more step and I swear I'll fucking mess up those lips of yours" And I don't know why I did but I took a step forward daring him to do just that... He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so my back hit the wall, pins me to it, before staring intensely into my eyes and his eyes darkened ever so slightly... "You tempt me keera," he said, and moaned into my neck his Hoarse voice making me squirm... *** That was a little sneak peek... This story started off with Keera finding herself lost on an island with no memories of how she got there or memories of her past. Then she meets Eric on that island. Unlike every Island stories it doesn't end with them finding a way out of the island, that's actually when the real story begins But what happens when she needs to leave that island and have to come face to face with reality, finding out what she would have wished she never had?.... Would she ignore the truth or would she try to deal with the situation she direly wants to avoid?

Xeeraaruwa ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings