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The Guardians- Life and Death

In a world where mankind lives between good and bad, there are hidden secrets that can neither be explained nor understood. Unbeknownst to human, there are strange creatures who live in the world they live in. To socialize and live normally like a normal human. They are on a mission with the people. Help and protect humanity, and keep the balance of nature by reclaiming the souls of the deceased. Elize, a cool undercover woman will cause them headaches and test their patience. How can Lucian, the Guardian Angel, protect Elize if she is not afraid to die? What must Dark, an Angel of Death, do to stop her from being added to the list of troubled souls who have caused them to suffer for thousands of years. What happens if, Aza, one of the fallen angels, the Angel of Mischief, intervenes. How can both Guardians fulfil their mission if Elize is obstinate and Aza meddle?

shentiments ยท Fantasy
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