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The Second Demon

What happens when the first demon that Muzan turned happened by accident due to his ignorance? ~ What happens when that demon's soul couldn't handle the stress, dies and his body was thrown away? ~ And what happens when a foreign soul got reincarnated into the body of the said demon? ~ Follow this story as we explore the journey of the second demon as he strive to live in the world of Kimetsu No Yaiba and alter the fates of the characters. ~ Kimetsu No Yaiba doesn't belong to me, I only own my OC characters, all other characters in Kimetsu No Yaiba Belongs to Koyoharu Gotouge Sensei. ~ Trigger goes click click, Pigs go eat eat, Please Read this fanfic, You might like it. .. ... Did..did that rhyme? Do..do you like it? FYI!! The Cover Picture is not mine, I only edited it a little bit!

TediousHamster · Anime & Comics

Guardian of Fairy-Tail

What sort of power do you want? Slayer power? No Come let see how the MC write his story after being reincarnated in FairyTail BaRRIER FRUIT OF BARTOLOMEO laluD_kebib

letiul_umanga · Anime & Comics

A different path

What would happen if before the beginning of Stars and Marcos adventure? That Macro's life was changed before they met. That the change was something he never expected. That it was both mysterious and exciting.----To any one who shall read this be warned. This is not the story you have come to know.

taticus · TV
Not enough ratings

Never Summon a Shadow Demon from the Other World

Alistor is a shadow demon from another realm, he was the king, he conquered the strongest demons in his realm with his butler Micreal. Normal day usually came by until unexpectedly, a beam of light shined above Alistor and Micreals head, and they were transported to another realm, they were unfamiliar about the place, will they adapt the new place? Will they find a way to go back? will you come with us in our journey? (Authors note: This wasn't really a fan-fic, this was categorized as my own novel, but I miss clicked so it went in the fan-fic section so yeah, and opinions is really needed, so that I can make the story more clear and precise so that I can meet the expectations of my readers, also thanks for stopping by)

ZerrisX · others
Not enough ratings

The Last Snow

George_Ocampo · Celebrities & Real People
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Imelda Rivera in Wonderland

Alice and Imelda may be completely different characters but that didn't stop me from making this fanfic! I thought I'd get creative. Don't worry, I made sure to keep Imelda in character as much as possible. In this fanfic, Imelda winds up in Wonderland and comes across strange and wacky characters that just happened to look like her family, friends, and a certain enemy.

kira444888 · Book&Literature
Not enough ratings