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Lycan Curse: The Howling Bloodbath

Lycan Curse: The Howling Bloodbath

After losing everything in Texas where my life could be compared to the hell,the place which took my dad away from me, the bitter school memories and what not, my mom decide to take me to California so that we can start a new life in the outskirts of Los Angeles. l made friends for the first time and guess, what? They aren't mean to me. Our new life is beautiful just like our neighborhood with lots of greenery and splendid beauty of nature. There starts the forest area just a few metres from my neighborhood and it's just enthralling to live here, especially for a nemophilist like me. But as I came here, I came to know nature has many forms, many elements and there are species living between humans, disguised. They are neither dead nor living, they are neither human nor animal,they are neither dangerous nor to be trusted. What should I do, now? I just came across them. Will it be harmful for me or is it gonna change my life forever? Read my story to find more!

Shreya_nath · Fantasy Romance
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